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Advanced Diagnostics & Performance Services

Konecranes has an extensive range of advanced diagnostic planning and performance services designed to meet the demands of heavy process industry.

AGILON asiakaskirje 1/2014

AGILON automaattivarasto. Asiakaskirje 1/2014, ajankohtaista tietoa.

Agilon asiakaskirje 1/2015

Agilon asiakaskirje 1/2016

Agilon asiakaskirje

Agilon asiakaskirje 2/2014

Agilon asiakaskirje 2/2015

Agilon asiakaskirje 3/2014

AGILON asiakaskirje 4/2014

Agilon asiakaskirje 5/2014


Älykäs nosturi SMARTON®

Auto Steering for RTG Cranes Brochure

Autosteering keeps the RTG gantry on a pre-programmed path, allowing your driver to stay focused on other tasks.

Automaattinen turvasalpa

Automatic storage and retrieval system

Automatic storage and retrieval system

Automotive Industry Cranes: The Right Lifting Solution for Your Processes

Konecranes offers a wide range of world-leading lifting solutions for the automotive industry – everything from industrial and jib cranes, monorail systems, hoists and work station lifting systems to lift trucks. Our equipment is backed by comprehensive service and modernization solutions to maximize reliability. Konecranes Smart Solutions provide the auto industry enhanced material handling productivity and safety with such features as Sway Control, Target Positioning, Protected Areas, Hoist Synchronization, Microspeed and Human Interface to Machine.

Automotive Industry Solutions

automotive industry solutions

BOXRUNNER: The Agile, Multi-purpose Straddle Carrier

Strong steering system and independently suspended wheels for maximum stability.

Boxrunner: The agile, multi-purpose straddle carrier brochure

If you are a large container terminal operator that is adopting automation technology for greater efficiency, BOXRUNNER is the flexible link between ship-to-shore (STS) cranes and yard stacking cranes

Care kunnossapito-ohjelma

kunnossapito-ohjelma CARE

CARE Preventive Maintenance Brochure

We provide specialized maintenance services and spare parts for all types and makes of industrial cranes, hoists, machine tools and port equipment - from a single piece of equipment to entire operations. Our objective is to improve the safety and productivity of your operations.

CLX Chain Hoist Crane

CLX Chain Hoist Crane - For everyday lifting

CLX Ketjunostinkampanja 2017

CLX Ketjunostinkampanja 2017

CLX ketjunostinmallit 2017


CLX-ketjunostin kampanja

KETJUNOSTIN NOPEALLA TOIMITUKSELLA Kestävä ja monipuolinen CLX-ketjunostin on luotettava ratkaisu vaativaankin käyttöön, ja saat sen nopeasti suoraan varastosta.