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Smart Features - Lift Smart, Every Lift

Konecranes' software-based Smart Features improve safety and reduce load cycle times, giving you total control over material handling in your production processes. You can choose the Smart Features you want, installed on new cranes or added to your existing cranes, to fit your production requirements.

Smarter Crane: Rail Mounted Gantry

Energy-saving, reliable and ergonomic: a top performing crane for your fleet.


The toughest operations need tireless heroes.


SMARTON and UNITON - Cranes for the toughest operations

SMARTON and UNITON digital brochure

SMARTON and UNITON - Cranes for the toughest operations

Steel Warehouse Cranes

Konecranes provides a full range of cranes and hoists for all operations within a steel warehouse.

Straddle Carrier

We offer two models for general yard duty and two models for the quayside-to-yard "boxrunning" role.

STS Crane Modernization: Meet the Future Needs of Your Ship-to-Shore Crane

Konecranes Ship-to-Shore Crane Modernizations are designed on the basis of our Total Cost of Ownership approach. This means that we will strive to fulfill your future needs for lifting height and lifting capacity by using the existing steel structure of your cranes while updating electrical or mechanical systems, or both, to lift the productivity and reliability of your STS cranes. This also means less maintenance and better and faster parts availability for you.

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Terästeollisuuden ratkaisut

Terästeollisuuden ratkaisut

Terästeollisuuden varastointiratkaisut

Terästeollisuuden varastointiratkaisut

The Smarter Cabin

This smarter Konecranes cabin gives the driver remarkably improved visibility with 60% more window area. This and other design improvements are the result of a close study of RTG, straddle carrier and electric overhead travelling (EOT) crane operator habits and attitudes.

The Yard Revolution: Automated Rubber Tired Gantry (ARTG) Crane

Konecranes brings automation to the rubber tired gantry crane with our ARTG, which brings the benefits of increased safety, greater productivity and better predictability to your container terminal operation. The ARTG features Active Load Control and Autosteering, as well as a Remote Operator Station with ergonomic operating layout and advanced graphical user interface.

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TRUCONNECT -etäpalvelu

TRUCONNECT -etäpalvelu

TRUCONNECT MTS tuotannon tehokkuuden valvonta

TRUCONNECT Remote Service

TRUCONNECT-etävalvonta - Jarrun valvonta

Jarrun valvonta etäpalvelu

TRUCONNECT® Etädiagnostiikka ja Tekninen Tuki Työstökoneille

TRUCONNECT® Etävalvonta ja raportointi

TRUCONNECT® Raskaille trukeille

TRUCONNECT® Reaaliaikainen Tuotannon Tehokkuuden Valvonta

TRUCONNECT® Remote Diagnostics and Technical Support for Machine Tools

TRUCONNECT® Remote Service connects data, machines and people to provide remote monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and usage-based predictive maintenance designed to help businesses address potential maintenance and performance issues before these issues become critical and threaten employee safety, productivity and revenue.

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring: Improved Safety and Optimized Crane Maintenance

TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring provides real time data on crane usage and operation. This helps with decisions about maintenance investments and productivity. The data helps estimate the remaining design working period (DWP) and service life of selected components. Crane usage data may also reveal patterns that indicate a need for operator training to improve safety and productivity.

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