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Tasowheel Gears Oy

Konecranesin huoltoasentaja on ollut talossa alusta asti ja tuntee kaikki yrityksen tärkeimmät koneet. Yritys voi luottaa siihen, että vikatilanteessa koneet saadaan nopeasti kuntoon.

The Man Service Group

TUAS Power Generation LTD

Lifting operations have been smooth and precise after the modernization, even during 125% load tests. This gives the user better confidence in future lifting operations.

United Iron & Steel Company L.L.C, UAE

United Precast Concrete

“All in all, what sets Konecranes apart is that they proactively and consistently deliver quality products and service.”


Customer was satisfied with the upgrade results and improved performance of their crane.

Volvo Car

Konecranes' sway controlling secures both the manual operations and the semi-auto functions for Volvo Car Corporation.

Volvo Olofstrom Sweden

volvo olofstrom sweden

Volvo Umea Sweden

volvo umea sweden

Vridi Terminal

Four new Konecranes RTG cranes are being assembled at the Abidjan container terminal.

Weserport GmbH

"The result supports us in our drive for growth as we learn how to plan future investments and how the safety of our plant can be assured."


The cost-effective use of space brought savings in construction costs as well as in the maintenance.

Yard Process Automation References

Koneranes yard process automation references (systems and features)