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Hevi-Lift Hoists for Nuclear Industry

Hevi-lift hoists deliver industry-best durability, versality and value.

Hoists and Winches for Wind Turbine Applications

the wind power industry demands very strict operation requirements due to the unique environment in which the equipment must operate. the wXN Electric Chain Hoist addresses these requirements with its compact, cost effective and versatile design. a complete solution from a leading supplier of wind turbine service hoists.

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Industrial Cranes Brochure

We offer an extensive selection of industrial lifting equipment using the latest technology, and supported by comprehensive service.

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Intelligent Lifting for Competitive Steel: Steel Industry Solutions




Konecranes CXT NEO

When it comes to lifting, CXT NEO crane is a powerful machine – but also an agile one. Its ergonomic design and new MiniJoystick radio enable faster operations. Inverter hoisting provides power and accuracy with load positioning, and the TRUCONNECT®Remote Service package seals the deal. That's what we mean by redefining the standard in general lifting.

Konecranes CXT UNO

The CXT UNO brings the acclaimed Konecranes quality into your everyday work at a very sensible price. This is possible because we listened to our customers’ most basic material handling needs. We created a concept of simple construction with an emphasis on basic, well-tried technical and electrical components

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Konecranes Power options

We offer a variety of power options for RTGs.

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Konecranes RENTALL

Konecranes RENTALL gets you a crane without a large one time investment. After site-related costs, you pay only a fixed monthly fee that includes crane service to keep your lifting equipment in top condition.

Konecranes RENTALL

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