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Low Emission Port Cranes: When Less Is More

the objective is to minimize redundant driving and to maximize the effciency and productivity of the equipment fleet. In other words, to reduce any redundant activity – and that, in turn, translates to a direct cut in emissions

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Maintenance Assessment Plan

Maintenance Assessment Plan

Mechanical Gripper technical details

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Plate Loading Crane Technical Specs

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Power industry solutions

power industry solutions

Pulp and paper industry solutions

pulp and paper industry solutions

Rail mounted gantry cranes :Wider intermodal horizons

Smarter from every perspective

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Remote Operating Station for Overhead Cranes

The twenty-first century alternative to the traditional cabin on a crane is remote operation. A multifunctional electronic desk, camera-based visuals and ergonomic controls support both effective work and a pleasant user experience.

Retrofits Brochure

Retrofits are a relatively easy and economical way to add current features and technologies to an existing overhead crane. Common retrofits are hoist replacements, the addition of LED lighting and traveling drives with inverters. Compared to modernizations, retrofits typically require much less pre-planning and downtime.

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RopeQ™ Magnetic Rope Inspection: Inspecting What You Cannot See

Many wire rope structures start to wear from the inside out. A worn wire rope can be a major safety hazard and cause production losses. Why wait for a scheduled change when you can make decisions based on the actual condition of the rope?